Shared Office Solutions

Office Solutions are many and vary widely between. 

The sharing of offices and the facilities as well as the specialist skills supporting your business can vary widely.

These varieties are referred to in many ways such as Serviced Office, Virtual Office, Work Group office etc.

What they really are, is Shared Office Solutions.

KANSHARE SDN BHD has many products to offer, starting from the most basic , “The Virtual Office”which is a business address, general or specific physical mail boxes, general or specific receptionist answering phones, fax handling with further add-ons. This is normally utilised by Start up companies, outstation or overseas organizations, 1 to 3 man operators and home based offices.

One step up is our  “Shared office. This consists of many  solutions ranging from the basic which would be a hot desk to specific office space enclosed and secure complemented with secretarial solutions, IT solutions etc. This can be provided in a time share basis. Normally 1 to 3 man organizations

As we go further along the ladder, we offer another solution which is the “Work Group Offices” meant for growing organizations not yet ready for a full fledged office or have progressed to another plane of office solutions reaping the benefits of cost coupled with administration handling. This group will have less shared solutions but more dedicated capacities of the solutions booked for their purpose and use. Normally 3 to 10 man organizations.

All these solutions can be supplemented according to their needs from ICT to creative business solutions.

Kanshare offers another product that is, Shared Storage Solutions.

For more information on our product range, please go to our Products Solutions page.


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