About Us

A Malaysian Company, Established since 2008.

We, the founders of this company at the time of establishment have, had more than 16 years experience in Security, Information Communication and Technology, Intelligent Automation, Entertainment Industry, Human Resources and Office Administration, individually served in a number of leading multi-national industries and local companies .

In the process of our careers, the sharing of facilities and skill solutions have played an utmost importance in our industries. As such we have brought these needs together and are constantly working to make it scalable to match our customers’ needs.

We cater to start up companies, transient business travelers, representatives for out of town organisations, cost conscious organisations and organisations with many reasons for our solutions.

We have also developed solutions as products for the persons whom would like to establish similar businesses and work to form a group of working companies. The product line of solutions and the combination is vast as is the market for companies requiring solutions to their business needs, that a colaborative environment is ripe for all providers of Share Solutions, be it Virtual Offices, Shared Offices (personal or work group format), Meeting and Conference Rooms, as well as Self Storage Solutions. Along with that the Service Solutions are wide and varied with many differentiating factors, such as quality, personality, form, format and availability.

This is also applicable to property owners whom can increase their rentability by introducing facilities, thus improving the yield of that property by increasing the rates that rent can be priced at. For this working with us, using the mechanisms, learnings, facilities and infrastructure that we have established can increase the hit rate.

As the reach increases, the yield for the collaboration will also increase.

We believe anything can be shared.

Come use our solutions and pass on the received value to improve/assist the delivery of your products to your customers

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