Space and size to choose

When choosing an office there are many considerations. They can range from location, view, prestige and many more. One of those considerations is size and space type.

Now it is a known fact that most of us would like to have a spacious open airy space. There are many other variations to our wants. But when reality hits on the cost of that or even the more practical considerations of optimal technical requirements due to traversing of tools movement, storage etc plus not to forget our varying sizes and shapes that then add or reduce requirements on that space, we then proceed to customise based on some requirements.

Aside from our personal needs and desires, there are social  aspects that relate to status, legal, safety and much more that can impose more requirements rather than considerations on our choice of space.

On the social front there many variations of advice via articles in magazines and word of mouth statements of requirements. But rarely any standardisation.

However on the legal, safety and profession fronts there are many bodies that have either legal, professional or even both status on items on space recommendations and requirements. Even for education there are studies on recommendations and requirements.

Some of these bodies are as follows: –

  1. Health and safety organisations (Occupational, Safety and Health) OSH (DOSH) normally government run.
  2. Universities
  3. Profession based organisations

Here are some links of places to get a good reference. Note these are just places to get guidelines and not so much a recommendation. Reader is suggested to read more and get proper professional advice should they wish to use the implementation of these recommendations.

  1. Study for school based space preparation.
  2. Work place recommendations and U.K. regulations.
  3. Canadian Centre for Occupational health and safety.
  4. General search for recommendations on this topic…0…

Just a rule of thumb when looking for guidance on this topic. Each region and country  may or may not have guidelines. The general standards refered to are U.K. (Globally accepted due to their world conquest dominance and education system history), U.S. as is the modern day choice of reference. But that does not leave out Australia, Europe, Japan, Germany, Korea and China among the major few influential guides.

In Malaysia DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) could be one source for that guide. Normally providing guidance on dangerous occupations.